Terms & Conditions


This agreement is established to set out the terms and conditions ('Terms and Conditions') applicable to members of the service operated by AfriKazi with no exceptions. All members and users of the services provides by AfriKazi must agree to the following Terms and Conditions. In the event a member breaches or fails to comply with any provision of these Terms and Conditions, AfriKazi reserves the right terminate the participation of such a member.

Eligibility Requirements

AfriKazi reserves and shall have absolute discretion as to whether it accepts or not, an applicant for participation in the service.

Modifications of Terms and Conditions

AfriKazi reserves the right to change, modify or update the member Terms and Conditions at any time without providing any notification to users. It is the member or user’s responsibility to check these Terms and Conditions from time to time for such changes. This applies also when AfriKazi has introduced new service on the platform. This agreement shall apply to such services in the absence of any new agreement specific to such services. Therefore, you should visit this page periodically to review the most current Terms and conditions.

Content of Jobs and tender advert

AfriKazi is a public platform, hence accessible to all users of internet services. It is therefore the responsibility of AfriKazi’s partners to check the content of all jobs and tenders’ advert. Afrikazi shall not be responsible for any error or mistake or omission in any product published on its website. Partners companies who have been granted access and code for being able to post Jobs and tenders on the website agree not to share with other parties, any type of information regarding AfriKazi’s systems and shall preserve all copyright, trademark, service mark and other proprietary notices contained in the AfriKazi website.

Ownership of data and information

Members, partners and users agree that all information contained on AfriKazi website, and all is an exclusive proprietary of AfriKazi. Personal information provided by members and users on our platform will be kept confidential and will not be distributed to any third party. AfriKazi collects your personal and demographic information you choose to provide. AfriKasi also collect information about how you use our systems and the areas of our platform that you visit. AfriKazi uses the information collected about you to deliver the products and services we offer. Users who have posted their CV’s and cover letter on AfriKazi accept that the information may be shared with Afrikazi’s recruiting partners. AfriKazi’s recruiting partners shall keep all information confidential and all shared information will only be used for the purpose of recruitment process.

Payments methods

It is the responsibility of our users and members to select the appropriate payment method among the payment options offered by AfriKazi. AfriKazi shall not be responsible of any inconvenience experienced under any payment method.


Members and users of our payable services shall be aware that AfriKazi does not issue refunds.


All members and users are prohibited from advertising your website or any other products on AfriKazi website. Any user who would like to advertise on AfriKazi website should get in touch with the management of AfriKazi and get a quote for advertising services. Any breaches in respecting the following shall result into payment of commission. AfriKazi reserves the right to provide free advert posting services to the public institutions and to the selected Micro companies. Any public institution or private company based in specifics countries and meeting the characteristics of a Micro organization can be granted the possibility to post a free advert. A separate documentation on criteria for Micro enterprises should b shared.

Reproduction or copy of the content

Users and members agree not to sell or modify or copy the content of the website, reproduce, download display, publicly perform, distribute, for any type of use, without AfriKazi's prior written permission.

The following section is applicable for users of “HUSTLE WINDOW’’ Services

Copyrights: It is strictly prohibited to post copyright material on Afrikazi website. This includes scripts/code which are sold by the author. Only posting sections of these scripts, as examples, will be permitted. Members and users of AfriKazi services accept to protect the author's rights.
Personal information and Social media: Members agree not to post their e-mail address on the website, except in the "email" field of the signup form or HUSTLE button, or when asked by AfriKazi at any other time. This does not only apply to email addresses, but to all methods of communication, including phone and all social media.
The HUSTLE functionality: This HUSTLE function offered by AfriKazi functions as a platform to connect freelancers in a virtual marketplace. AfriKazi plays a role of neutral facilitator, hence, does not directly engage in the any transactions between users of the system. As such, AfriKazi deliberately inform all users and members not having any type of control over the accuracy, legality, quality, or safety of postings and adverts made by users. All users and members shall be careful in dealing with such people met on an online platform and care about their privacy and security. We also cannot control how authorized users store or transfer information downloaded from the database, so you should ensure that you do not post sensitive information. Therefore, AfriKazi recommends all users to be careful and apply common sense, good judgment and precautions measures when dealing with any member on the platform.
Disclaimer: AfriKazi shall not be responsible for any technological and ICT issues or any uncontrolled damage affecting the system which may result into loss of data, job and tenders’ opportunities. AfriKazi does not warrant that this platform will operate error-free or that its servers are free of computer viruses or other harmful mechanisms.

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