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AfriKazi is the No.1 lead in Human resources solutions in Africa. Our main mission is to create bridges and link professional job seekers and employers operating in Africa using innovative tools, approach and technologies. We support job seekers to find their dream jobs. We are a HR solutions provider dealing with recruitment, we help employers and recruiting companies to finding the right skills and talents to shape their business.

Human resources managements solutions:

On behalf of the recruiting company, we take care of the recruitment process from scratch. We help employers recruit better. We screen all the applications and identify candidates that will be a good fit for jobs at your company and who best meet the required and desired criteria.
Our professional teams will work with you to ensure maximum success to your business by offering customized services including: Performance objectives and management, handling change management and Staff Training as well as capacity building.

Executive recruitment:

We do it for you while you focus on other priorities. You delegate to us all the recruitment process for professional Executives from drafting the job description to identifying the best candidates by screening the background of all interested candidates.

Standby partners service and staff outsourcing:

AfriKazi will hire and look after your employees by managing all the administrative and financial roles. We handle contract and performance management issues for your staff. We work with your company in closer coordination to conducti review and appraisal, define development objective. We help you get professional and talented staff in a short period of one to two weeks.

Audit and financial advisory:

We provide audit and financial advisory services to help companies strengthen transparency, create the conditions for confidence and better management systems, by promoting successful and sustainable growth for companies.

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